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Get Out: Kingdom Leadership

Exodus 17:8-18:27 “Even if you fight like Joshua, you will not win unless you pray like Moses.” You have at minimum three leadership assignments. Home – Church – World 5 Truth for Effective Kingdom Leadership 1. Leadership demands Limitation v.13-18 You can’t do it all. 2. Limitation demands Delegation v.19-21a You shouldn’t do it all….


Get Out: Faith Worth Testing

Exodus 16 God doesn’t test us because He wants to fail. It’s just the opposite. Three Tests in their survival… 1. He Tested Their Confidence 15:22-27 2. He Tested Their Obedience 16:1-30 3. They Tested His Patience 7:1-7 Take and trust God’s tests.


Get Out: Sing About It

Exodus 15 How do you praise Him? They praised Him for… 1. His Identity v.2-3, 11 2. His Activity v.4-10, 12-13 3. His Certainty v.14-18 When you see His Salvation, sense His strength, and stand on His promises… YOU SING ABOUT IT!


Get Out: A Story of Glory

Exodus 14 This is a story about the glory of God! The Glory of God is seen in… 1. His Sovereignty 2. His Salvation 3. His Strength See His Glory Show His Glory Give Him Glory


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