About Church at The Mill

Our Multi-Campus Model

Church at The Mill, located in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, is one church currently meeting on three campuses. Each campus is led by a pastor who preaches live and joins a campus staff in shepherding and leading the members and guests of that location. Each Campus Pastor leads under the guidance of our Senior Pastor, who preaches weekly at our Central Campus.

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What We Believe

Click here to read the basic beliefs we share with like-minded churches.

What We Desire

We desire to be a deeply-faithful, remarkably-healthy, highly-impactful multi-site church.

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The Gospel of God in all things
The Word of God in Preaching
…so biblical, Christ-centered exposition is all we do
The Glory of God in Worship
…so authenticity and passion guide us
The Legacy of God in The Next Generation
…so we disproportionately invest in the faith of our children, students and the young families they represent
The Mission of God to The Nations
…so we go often and give sacrificially
The Love of God in Community
…so warmth, kindness and real relationships matter
The Growth of God in Us
 …so we disciple desiring every member to mature in Christ
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Our Purpose


Worship & Small Groups

The church has always gathered for two reasons: corporate worship and genuine fellowship. Gathering for worship nurtures our relationship with God as we bless Him and hear from His word. Gathering for fellowship in Small Groups connects us with each other for encouragement and partnership in the gospel.


Quiet Time & Discipleship

Spiritual growth is an expectation of walking with Christ. Two of the most powerful ways God grows us are through time with Him daily and time with others in discipleship.


Financially & Through Serving

Jesus made it clear, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” We give in two ways as Christ-followers at Church at The Mill. We give our time as servants by doing ministry side by side, and we give our treasure (money/resources) as stewards of what God has so graciously provided in our lives.


Local & International Missions

The gospel is not a “come see” religion. It is a “go tell” message of redemption! We are called to make disciples, and we do this primarily in two ways. We share our faith daily with those around us (locally), and we leave our daily life to engage those we don’t normally encounter (internationally).

Our History

Read the history of church from where we started, where we are now and where we are heading.

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