Church at The Mill is located in Moore, Woodruff, and Lake Cooley SC, with the Central campus located in Moore. Our mission is to create an environment of New Beginnings and Relationships. Through God’s provision, Church at The Mill has experienced tremendous growth in the Greater Spartanburg area. We are excited about the future as we prepare for continued growth in reaching the lost in our community and around the world.

Job Opportunities



Staff Position Title: Kids Director Woodruff Campus

Principal Function: The Kids Director will work with the NextGen Pastor and Campus Pastor to provide spiritual leadership and organizational management to a premier Kids Ministry that meets the needs of families across the community.

Reports To: NextGen Pastor



  • Spiritual Growth: Actively pursue and model a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Culture: Instigate and protect the 10 Characteristics of Church at Mill’s (CATM’s) Leadership Culture.
  • Collaboration: Work with the CATM staff team at-large to create and promote unity and cooperation within the staff.
  • Stewardship: Display good stewardship in managing the Kids Ministry budget to support CATM’s vision and the master NextGen ministry plan.
  • Excellence: Ensure all policies and ministry standards are met in Kids Ministry. 

Strategic Discipleship

  • Ensure the comprehensive spiritual growth plan for children is implemented in every aspect of programming & organizational management at the campus level.
  • Oversee curriculum resources & ensure delivery of digital & physical materials.
  • Lead in the development and effective facilitation of excellent weekly programming that supports the master spiritual growth plan for children.
  • Lead in implementing events at the campus level that reach children and encourage families. 
  • Lead in implementing milestone events at the campus level that facilitate spiritual growth in families (i.e., child dedication, baptism, etc.).

Leader Development

  • Oversee the designated processes for recruiting, onboarding and training Kids Ministry Adult Volunteer leaders. 
  • Work with the NextGen Pastor and NextGen Leader Development Pastor to ensure the ongoing leadership development of Adult Volunteer Leaders.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of a digital resource hub for Adult Volunteer Leaders. 

Parent Partnership

  • Challenge, equip, and encourage parents to fulfill their biblical role as spiritual leaders of their children.
  • Seek to know families in the community and those who come through the doors of CATM.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of a digital resource hub for parents.

Pastoral Care (Shepherding)

  • Relationally engage children towards knowing and sharing the love of Jesus.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and delivery of resources for children.
  • Offer coaching and spiritual counsel to children and families, appropriately referring to the Biblical Counseling Center as needed.
  • Respond promptly to families in crisis to communicate support, offer prayer, & connect with needed resources.
  • Regularly & specifically pray for children and seek opportunities to pray with children/families.
  • Oversee processes related to meeting physical needs/benevolence.

School Partnerships

  • Oversee the cultivation of relationships with target schools.
  • Through engagement with local schools, provide encouragement, support, & resources to administration, faculty, staff, & students.
  • Lead Kids Ministry team in facilitating ministry opportunities in local schools (i.e., Good News Club).


  • Ensure exceptional care of Kids Ministry facilities and resources. Communicate facility needs to the Facilities Director. 
  • Steward financial resources of the ministry, maintaining expected financial records & following organizational procedures. 
  • Any additional responsibilities as directed by the NextGen Pastor or Campus Pastor.

Preferred Competencies:

  • Relationship Building:  Ability to build healthy relationships with staff, students, parents, and volunteer leaders.
  • Communication: The ability to effectively share information in various ways within the ministry (staff, volunteers, parents, & students) and promote the ministry at large to the church & community.
  • Leader Development: The ability to encourage and empower leaders to serve the ministry’s mission. This competency involves effective delegation while maintaining and prioritizing self-growth.
  • Team Leadership: Ability to facilitate alignment within the Kids Ministry staff and with other teams.
  • Time Management:  Ability to facilitate productivity by effectively handling time. This includes appropriate time management for daily/weekly tasks, meetings, programming prep, professional development, personal time, and margin to accommodate crises as they arise in the ministry.
  • Strategic Planning:  Ability to plan strategically by forward-thinking, beginning with the big picture and working towards vital details. Budget management, systems development, and organization are key to successful strategic planning.
  • Conflict Resolution:  The ability to courageously initiate tough conversations to seek agreement and facilitate peace between team members, students, or families when difficult situations or anger arise.
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt and improvise when unexpected circumstances arise.
  • Multi-Tasking: The ability to focus on a single task without losing track of others, simultaneously managing many responsibilities and switching between tasks as needed.

Preferred Education:

  • Accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Church Ministry OR at least 3 years of successful, high-level ministry experience. 

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Staff Position Title: Campus Worship Leader - Woodruff

Principal Function:

The Campus Worship Leader role is a full-time position that works closely with the Worship Team in the planning and implementation of all Woodruff Campus worship services upholding the vision of Church at The Mill.    

Reports To: Senior Worship Pastor

Full Time: 40 hours/week


The Campus Worship Leader position is responsible for training, stewarding, leading, managing and recruiting worship leaders in both vocal and instrumental music.  The Campus Worship Leader is responsible for upholding the vision, direction and systems of Church at The Mill while  teaching and leading a volunteer worship team consisting of choir, band, and lead vocal team.  This position is responsible for the week-to-week responsibilities of the Woodruff Campus worship ministry, while also supporting and leading assigned church-wide responsibilities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Oversee and administer all campus worship/media staff and volunteers to produce weekly and special services 
  • Execute the planning and producing of weekly and special worship services
  • Schedule campus band and vocal team
  • Maintain Planning Center Online weekly
  • Lead devotion and prayer time for team members weekly
  • Provide pastoral care for team members and communicate pastoral needs to the Associate Worship Pastor
  • Maintain greenroom area
  • Schedule and conduct auditions using CATM worship ministry processes
  • Attend and contribute creatively to weekly worship planning and staff meetings
  • Assign, lead, and create campus rehearsals and worship services for adults and  students as needed
  • Prepare for large group rehearsals/services by spending time in individual rehearsals as needed
  • Recruitment for every area of the campus worship ministry 
  • Communicate with worship volunteers regarding any changes to plans 
  • Meet weekly with Senior Worship Pastor for spiritual, administrative, and worship leadership guidance.
  • Other tasks/duties as assigned by the Senior Worship Pastor

Preferred Competencies:

  • Strong daily/abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Profess and display a calling to worship leadership and teaching worship.
  • Mastery of Planning Center Online and Ableton Music software tools for worship planning.
  • Strong talent and competency in communicating/leading the church vocally and instrumentally.

Preferred Education:

  • 4 years of worship ministry experience.
  • Holds a Bachelor's Degree in worship/music-related field. A Master’s degree in a Church Worship related field is strongly preferred.

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