Our Adult Discipleship includes genuine love, specific training, intentional challenge and compassionate help.

What is Discipleship at Church at The Mill?

We believe every follower of Church at The Mill needs to be genuinely loved through a Small Group, specifically trained through an equipping class, intentionally challenged via a mentor group, or compassionately helped in our biblical counseling ministry as they seek to grow in their relationships with Christ.

View our four environments where discipleship happens below.

Four Environments, One Goal: Make Disciples

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Your rhythm should be Small Groups.  Being connected to a Small Group should be a constant part of the flow of your life within Church at The Mill. Groups launch, divide, and, at times even come to an end.  But a consistent connection to a small group on a weekly basis is healthy for every disciple. These groups of 10-20 gather weekly for fellowship and study on our campus and in homes, building community across Spartanburg County.

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Your reinforcement should be an Equipping Class.  On occasion, a disciple needs to go deeper on a particular subject or portion of God’s Word. Our Equipping Classes are designed to help each believer grow by diving deeper into specific topics or portions of God’s Word every semester. These multi-generational, semester-long classes of 20-40 are designed to help each believer explore specific topics or portions of God’s Word. 

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Your regimen should be a Mentor Group.  The pattern of a disciple’s life should involve intentionally pouring into another’s spiritual growth or having someone pour into you spiritually. A consistent commitment to making time each year to invest or be invested in by one specific person is immeasurably valuable and beautifully faithful. Our Mentor Groups are constantly beginning, and we would love to start the process of connecting you with a mentor or taking the next step to lead a Mentor Group.

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Your refuge should be Biblical Counseling. Turning to trained biblical counselors in times of great pain, sorrow, or crisis is tremendously healthy, and it displays the humility and courage needed to overcome life’s most difficult challenges. Find out more about our Biblical Counseling Ministry here.


Do you need help finding one of these four environments that best meets your needs? We'd love to get you connected to a group or class. Please fill out the short help form below so that our team can assist you.



Do you love people, desire community, and enjoy developing new leaders? If so, adult leadership may be a great fit for you! If you are interested in becoming a Small Group Leader, Equpping Class Teacher, Mentor Group Leader, or even a biblical counselor at Church at The Mill, please fill out the interest form below.

Are you a Small Group Leader?

Access our Small Group Leader page with resources and curriculum.


Children and Student Programming are available for various groups across our campus. Be sure to confirm with your group leader that the necessary programming is available prior to registration. If you have additional questions, please fill out our Help Form, and a member of our staff will be glad to answer those questions.

Small Groups work with the church to find curriculum that will work well for that particular group. In addition, Small Groups may also be asked to go through the curriculum provided by the church.

The best way to join a group or class is through GroupLink. This is an event we host during early Spring and Fall that allows people to meet group leaders, learn about groups, and register for the group or class that works best for them and their schedule. The next GroupLink will be in the Spring. More information will be available closer to the beginning of the year. 

People may also join groups or classes throughout the year by registering using the registration button above or clicking the help form to connect with someone in our Adult Ministry to help find a group.

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