More Than Ever is a three-year spiritual journey of generosity to provide financial funding for debt retirement and the expansion of more campuses. Our desire is to enlist every member in the spiritual and financial journey of supporting our church’s vision to becoming a deeply-faithful, remarkably-healthy, highly-impactful multi-site church.

Acts 5:14 (ESV) “And more than ever believers were added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women...”

We are praying God will use
More Than Ever in three main ways:

Continued debt retirement of Central Campus
Securing and preparing physical locations for current and future campuses
Up-front costs associated with campus start-ups

What God is Doing in Our Church

Kyle Benefield
Kyle and Kristen Benefield

Kyle Benefield and his wife, Kristen, have been members of Church at The Mill since 2019 and have served faithfully in the Kids' Ministry for over three years. Through his service and spiritual growth at CATM, Kyle has sensed a calling from God to vocational ministry. In bold obedience, Kyle has answered that call by leaving an incredibly successful career to serve full-time on our Kids at The Mill staff team. Kyle says, “I am excited to be answering God’s call on my life and am thrilled to serve the families of our church alongside the KATM volunteers who are committed to sharing the love of Jesus with the next generation.” Kyle has impacted many volunteers, parents and preschoolers in his volunteer role, and we are confident he will continue to make an impact as a staff member!

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Avery O'Sullivan

Avery O'Sullivan is a high school student making a difference for Christ! In middle school, Avery felt a calling to lead worship and enthusiastically answered that call. In addition to being fully committed to growing through Student Ministry programming and Student Leadership, Avery leads her school chapel band and faithfully leads in our student worship band. Recently, Avery planned a Girls' Night of Worship and Prayer at her house before school started back. Over 60 girls from 10+ schools participated and were greatly encouraged. Avery is one of many students who is boldly serving Christ!

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Sara Bunner

The Bible came to life for me on the Nicaragua Chosen Children mission trip. Most of the people we visited had to walk to the church well to get water.  So, lots of conversations happen as people are gathered around the well.  It is a great time to share the gospel, just as Jesus did in John 4:13-15.

One family we visited was in the process of digging their own well that day. They were gathered around it, and they invited us to look down. All we saw was darkness. We were told it was 50 feet. We talked with them for a little while, and then they started pulling on the rope. They asked our interpreter to help them pull. We fully expected a bucket of water to come up, but instead, they pulled up a person. We were all shocked, including the interpreter. He was down there digging the well.  This is really dangerous because the walls can collapse on you.  

Even though I witnessed it myself, I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the reality of not having access to safe running water.  The simple act of washing my hands at the Miami airport when we got back to the States and not worrying the water was unsafe made me pause and realize how thankful I should be for safe and hot running water.”

Jameson Pack

“The connections and welcome team were the first folks I met when I attended Church at The Mill for the first time. The overwhelming openness and love of Jesus I felt was beyond anything I had experienced in any church that my family and I had attended. I was so moved by Andrew Bell’s grace and comfort not to feel lost, rushed or overwhelmed my first time, as I also had two children who needed to be registered for their programs. Because of the connections team impact, I chose to serve in this ministry to impact first-time guests and members alike as they enter the church for the first time or the 100th time.” 

Derick Mumma

"I was saved on the battlefield in Iraq.  After an IED attack in June of 2006, I was medevaced to Baghdad. I was waiting in a tent to go in for life-saving surgery when an Army Chaplain came and prayed for me. This was the moment I was saved. As a man who did not grow up in church, I did not know what to do with this experience. Over the years, I would attend church with my wife but never really felt connected. After moving to South Carolina, we came to Church at The Mill and, within a few weeks, I felt more welcomed than at any other church. With resistance, I joined a Small Group with my wife–resistance and fear because I felt I had nothing to contribute. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  After joining, the couples showed me what to do with what I felt in that tent in Baghdad.  I began speaking with Pastor Jarrett about being baptized, and it wasn’t long after that he baptized me along with my youngest daughter and mother-in-law. I am now a proud member of the Safety Team and walking through the 40-week discipleship journey with my Small Group. With the support of my Small Group, I am working toward living a life worthy of the Lord."

Katie Crispin 

"Counseling. It was not something I needed. I'm a Christian, I'm strong, I'm perfectly fine to work out my grief, my loss, simply on my own terms...or so I thought. But when my brokenness could not be bared anymore, though anyone outside looking in could not see what God knew was the extreme sadness carried within my heart, I knew I needed help. How can joy in the Lord and the heavy burden of grief in this life coincide together? I learned the answers are steeped in The Word and through the teachings of biblical counseling. And it changed me. Church at The Mill's counseling ministry helped open the door and start a healing journey for me that rested in His Word. My fog-filled perspective slowly began to fade, and I was able to see clearly how through my weakness and vulnerability, my God is and always will be glorified. I will always be grateful for this ministry and the heart of the people that serve in it."

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Carmen Arisenia Jaquez

“My name is Carmen Arisenia Jaquez. Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and came to the U.S. at the age of 17.  My family and I came to CATM in 2021 and decided to become members because of the sound biblical teaching and powerful worship. I have always served my local church through music, and I knew joining the choir would help me engage in ministry and make new friendships. They have been of wonderful encouragement to our family.“

FAQs about Giving to More Than Ever

Your commitment pledge to MTE allows Church at The Mill to strategically plan for future growth, whether it’s to upgrade an existing building on one of our campuses, move more aggressively at retiring our debt, or ensure options for long-term planning for future campuses.  Your commitment provides Church at The Mill options for growing the Church across the Upstate! 

There are three ways to give to MTE

Bill Pay (Preferred): You make arrangements for your bank to automatically mail a check to Church at The Mill at a frequency you choose (check with your bank on establishing Bill Pay through your bank account) 

Check recipient: Church at The Mill 
Recipient address: 4455 Anderson Mill Rd., Moore, SC 29369 
Recipient Phone Number: 864-576-7548
Memo Section of Check: More Than Ever 
By Check: You can write a check and drop it in the offering plate or mail to the church office. Make sure you write in MTE in the memo section of the check.  

Give online: Visit to set up a one-time payment or recurring giving. You can also scan the QR code to access the link now.

Church at The Mill uses your faithful tithes and offerings to support the general operations of the church, including paying staff and monthly bills, funding the programs and ministries of the church, and fulfilling a deep commitment to supporting local and international missions. Your MTE contribution is an offering above your tithe that will allow Church at The Mill to reach more people for the gospel as God continues to bless the growth of our church. 

We are asking you to join Church at The Mill for a three-year commitment to sacrificial giving to help advance the gospel across the Upstate. Your three-year commitment can be broken into weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments, whatever is best for you. You may also provide a one-time gift if preferred. 

Circumstances change. You may encounter an unplanned hardship or perhaps an anticipated blessing, which may cause you to consider increasing or decreasing your commitment. You can make an adjustment to your commitment at any time online or by calling the church office. 

Yes, we have received non-cash gifts for the church. Non-cash assets, such as stocks/securities, land, etc., may be eligible for donations to MTE. You may also consider donating IRA contributions, annuity payments, and other investments to MTE. Finally, you may consider adding CATM as a beneficiary in your will. Please contact our Executive Pastor, Ken Fisher, at for more information.

How Can I Give?

We sincerely ask you to do more than ever for your church. Join our church as we pray, serve, and give more than ever. Why? So that, more than ever, we can respond to God’s great favor and the window of opportunity He has granted us to see many more come to know Him and know Him more fully. How many more? We believe more than ever. If you are ready to give, please do the following steps:

1.) Fill out the commitment card below. This will help as we are preparing our budget and plan.

2.) Please setup your MTE giving by clicking below.


More Than Ever Merch

We have t-shirts and sweatshirts available to purchase now!

Short Sleeve T-Shirts: $15

Sweatshirts $25

To learn more about what God is doing in our church, please read our More Than Ever infozine. Prayerfully seek how you can be a part of this spiritual and financial journey.
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