Three Reasons to be Thankful

Here are three reasons to be grateful during this Thanksgiving season. In the midst of life’s busyness, we often need a reminder to be thankful. 

  1. Jesus is on the throne.

If Jesus were not on the throne, we may still be wondering when the messiah that the Old Testament speaks of might come. We would still have to sacrifice animals and talk to a high priest in order to receive atonement for sins. We would be hopeful, but we would live in a place of unrest, because God would not have fulfilled what He said He would yet–that a messiah would come. But, thanks be to God that He sent Jesus to be an example for us, and He sits at the right hand of the Father, interceding on our behalf even when we do not have the words to say. That’s a sure hope. 

  1. Christ brought hope.

In a world where so many things do not seem to go right, Jesus has brought hope to each situation. Where sin seems to abound more and more, and where injustice takes place, we can trust in our Redeemer who is working all situations for His glory. Does this make our circumstances or momentary afflictions easier? By no means. But, it sure does give us hope that Jesus has brought. He has defeated death, sin, and the grave so that we may live eternally with Him. This is the hope we have that does not put us to shame. Therefore, we ought to be thankful for the Savior. 

  1. God made us stewards of our time.

Time is precious. Have you ever thought about why? Time is precious because you cannot make up lost time. Time is precious because there are so many memories made with the time. Time is precious because we never know when our time may be to go home and be with Jesus. We must be thankful for the time and steward it well. Because of this, we must remember that it is worth “pausing” the time and just remembering to be thankful for it. 

We hope you found this to be encouraging and challenging. Our desire is to remind you to simply be thankful. Remember these this week and take some moments throughout your day and think on these. Be blessed!

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