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Marked: The Weakness of Wanting

Exodus 20:17-21 Wisdom about your wants 1. The Distinctiveness of Coveting    Coveting is Covert.    Coveting is Comprehensive. 2. The Deception of Coveting      Deception related to your neighbor      Deception related to your God      Deception related to yourself 3. The Danger of Coveting 4. The Defeat of Coveting  Conquering…


Marked: Truth on Trial

Exodus 20:16 God wants His people to… 1. Speak the Truth 2. Know the Truth 3. Love the Truth Everyone is seeking truth…but truth has become very rare. To Know The Truth… 1. God is Truth 2. Jesus is Truth 3. The Holy Spirit is Truth 4. The Word is Truth Are you living in…


Marked: Stolen

Exodus 20:15 We expect the world to steal.  But what happens when God’s people commit theft? When God’s people commit theft, it is… 1. A Case of Stolen Integrity 2. A Case of Stolen Theology –When we steal, we… We disregard or are dissatisfied with God’s provisions in our life. We destroy God’s providence in…


Marked: 5 Truths for 5 Words

Exodus 20:14 5 Truths for 5 Words… 1. The Heart of the Command against Adultery 2. The Hope of the Command against Adultery 3. The Harm of Committing Adultery 4. The Help for Countering Adultery Chase: Chase Christ, Chase your spouse, Chase your kids, Chase the church, Chase the lost  Flee: Flee all immorality, Flee…


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