Life Transitions through Miracle Hill

While visiting a local Walmart, a staff member from Church at The Mill witnessed the work that was being done through one of our ministry partners firsthand. She says, “being the week of Christmas, I was not looking forward to going to Walmart but knew I needed to get some gift cards. I went early on Monday morning and intended to rush in and rush out, getting back to my office and all that needed to be done before Christmas break. I got there, found the gift cards, and got up to the register. I wasn’t really paying attention to the cashier until she asked me what the gift cards were for. I explained that they were going to be given to some of the women at Miracle Hill. Then everything changed.”  

The cashier quickly began to tell her story of how Miracle Hill made a big impact on her life after she left her boyfriend who had tried to kill her by putting Borax in her drink and food. She took a brave step and quickly left, taking her young child with her. After leaving, they lived on the streets with no shelter or food until she heard about Miracle Hill Ministries who quickly took them in. With the help of staff and volunteers at Miracle Hill, she was able to transform her life for herself and her child.

Now she has a full-time job at Walmart and two small children that she is able to take care of on her own. She is proud of what she has accomplished and often considers going back to Miracle Hill to speak to the women there to show them that they too could overcome their challenges.  The thought of going back to encourage other women crosses her mind often, but she said life had gotten in the way with children and work. Once she witnessed one of our staff members purchasing gift cards and talking about the ministry, she felt that it was a sign that she needed to follow through with what God was prompting her to do. To go back to Miracle Hill, not as a person in need, but to encourage those who are in need because of the assistance and guidance she received through their ministry. She now wants to give back.

What a blessing it is to see what God is doing through Miracle Hill and the impact they are making in the community. Homelessness can happen to anyone at any time, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Ministries like Miracle Hill work diligently to help the homeless transition into healthier lifestyles by providing counseling, personal development, job development, Biblical discipleship, and more. Getting involved with Miracle Hill gives volunteers a chance to take a small part in changing someone’s earthly and eternal life, and the opportunity for those who have transitioned out to do the same for someone else in need.

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