eDisciple, where E is for everyone.

What is eDisciple?

eDisciple is a discipleship journey for everyone! We know that many are struggling to connect during this season, so we want to continue to provide an opportunity that focuses on relationships. This eDisciple model will strictly focus on discipleship with your choice of meeting in-person or virtually by creating eGroups. If you want more information or want to get involved with an eGroup, please click below.

WEEK 7 LESSON - What We Believe About The Doctrine of Last Things (Eschatology)

You will access each weekly video here! Please prepare for the lesson before you meet with your eGroup by watching the video. You can access previous lessons by scrolling down.

This week's topic is: What We Believe About The Doctrine of Last Things (Eschatology). Read the essentials by clicking below.

Your quiet time with the Lord is the best way you can grow in your relationship with Christ. eGroups allow you to keep each other accountable and discuss what you're learning through your time in the Word. Access the Bible Reading Quiet Time plan and the SOAP resource document to explain what a Quiet Time should look like. 


Who can participate in eGroup?

All adults 18+ can join an eGroup! You do not have to be a church member to be a part of eDisciple. 

How large is an eGroup?

The vision is for each eGroup to consist of up to 5 people, including the leader.

How much preparation and time will be involved?

Pastor D.J. will provide you with a short video each week that the entire eGroup will watch in advance of their weekly meeting. He will also provide a short passage of Scripture for everyone to study. After that, you will have time each week to meet with your eGroup in-person or virtually to share your experience and learnings from the video and Scripture.

Can we meet on campus?

Due to Covid-19, our campus continues to remain closed except for Sunday Morning Worship. eGroups are encouraged to meet at an off-campus location, (someone’s home, a cafe, a coffee shop, or other location, or can meet virtually (ex. Lead an eGroup meeting on Zoom).

Will eGroups replace Small Groups?

No! We are very thankful for our Small Groups. Small Groups provide deepening relationships and growth as we do life together.


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