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Our Mission

We seek to partner with parents and existing ministries, equip volunteers, and disciple individuals with special needs and disabilities in an accessible and meaningful way to help them grow in their knowledge and love for God.

We Partner With Families

- Allow parents to serve and worship freely without worry

- Come alongside parents to provide access to needed resources, support, and encouragement as they face the unique needs of raising a child with a disability

- To help parents discover and implement ways to reach the spiritual needs of their child

We Partner with Existing Ministries

- Help Church at The Mill kids to include and welcome children with disabilities

- Partner with teachers who have children with disabilities

- Train welcome team staff to appropriately welcome and place children with disabilities into a class

We Equip Volunteers

- Cast vision for the mission and goals of The Special Needs Ministry - To provide training on unique skills that help you care, disciple, and engage the child you are partnered with

- Pray for volunteers as they serve each week

We Disciple Children

- To engage the child in biblical teaching in a way that is meaningful and accessible to them

- To go beyond just caring for the child and be expressing and providing the gospel in an accessible way

- To pray for the child’s spiritual needs and growth




Weekly Opportunities:

The heart of our Special Needs Ministry is to meet every child where he or she is.  To do so, we offer a variety of services. We currently offer a 1:1 shadowing program, as well as a peer partner program. These programs allow our children to mainstream into a classroom with their typically developing peers while providing an advanced level of security and assistance for them to thrive. These services are provided during Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night services.


We also offer our very own All-Access classrooms. These classrooms are able to modify lessons and activities for each individual learning style and need. These classes are offered at 11:00 AM on Sundays for elementary-high school, and at 9:30 AM on Sunday for our young adults.